He has lost a real landmark … Wednesday, December 22, 2021, Robin Le Mesurier died at the age of 68 from cancer. Guitarist of Johnny Hallyday, he had been on stage by his side for twenty-three years. Close to the latter, David Hallyday paid tribute to him. On his Instagram account, it was after sharing a photo of his father’s loving brother that he wrote: “Sad end of the year! Robin, you have been a faithful and devoted friend to my father and to others, of incredible talent and a wonderful human being !! Thank you for the few wonderful musical moments we shared together … They will not be forgotten. Thoughts on the family. ” In the comments section, her stepsister, Laura Smet shared: “Oh no!” The fans wrote: “Very sad news. We clung to him to make the memory of the idol last …”; but also: “A great man has left us, but his guitar will always vibrate in our hearts.”

Discreet, Robin Le Mesurier had hidden being sick. A few weeks earlier, he had taken advantage of an interview with the Parisian to discuss his friendship with Johnny Hallyday. He then explained: “The first time I met Johnny, in Los Angeles, it was as if we had always known each other. And we never left each other. In 23 years of collaboration, we have never had only one disagreement. Our relationship lasted much longer than many couples. He was an amazing man and friend. “

Robin Le Mesurier was very close to Johnny Hallyday

On RTL, it was shortly before his death that the guitarist spoke of his collaboration with his long-time friend. “We never had a single disagreement. In fact our relationship has lasted much longer than a lot of marriages … He’s such a special man, I’m sure he’s not far away, he’s got me. touched so much, he had become like a brother “, he had revealed before adding:” We musicians, he integrated us on stage. It was not a group and a singer. It was him and us, all together.”

Robin Le Mesurier and Johnny Hallyday © AGENCE

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