He had been tracked for 24 hours. This Tuesday, March 15, an individual suspected of having perpetrated five attacks on homeless people, causing the death of two of them, in New York and Washington, was arrested. “He is currently being questioned,” law enforcement said in a statement. The man had been actively sought since Monday March 14 after being identified on CCTV footage where he was seen shooting a sleeping homeless man. “It is heartbreaking and tragic to know that in addition to the dangers homeless people face, there is now a ruthless killer on the loose,” New York and Washington Mayors Eric Adams and Muriel Bowser said at the time. in a joint statement, but we are sure that we will eventually arrest the suspect and put him out of harm’s way.” The man is accused of attacking the homeless “in cold blood” while they slept.

The first two attacks took place on March 3 and 8 in northeastern Washington. Wounded by bullets, the homeless people targeted survived. A few hours later, on March 9, police and firefighters in Washington were mobilized to a tent fire. Inside they discovered the lifeless body of another homeless person riddled with bullets and stab wounds. The suspect’s criminal journey then continued in New York. On the night of March 11-12, two homeless people were targeted in lower Manhattan. One of them, attacked while sleeping, did not survive.

Five attacks and one weapon

The insight of a New York police captain connected the two cases and led to the arrest of a suspect. According to the police, all the attacks were carried out with the same weapon. The ballistic analyzes of two of them, one in New York and one in Washington, have already proved to be consistent.

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