Rupert Grint: discover the incredible fortune of the Harry Potter star converted into real estate

The wizarding school is over, Rupert Grint is now proving himself in a completely different field than magic. If Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson pursue their respective careers as comedians, the former interpreter of Ron Weasley, who has still been able to illustrate himself in other films and series after the Harry Potter saga, with a preference for the small screen (Snatch, Sick Note, Servant), turned to real estate. Owner of several agencies, as the British tabloid The Sun recently recalled, he is even at the head of a nice jackpot. A fortune for the one who celebrated his 32nd birthday on August 24, 2020 amounting to 25 million pounds sterling, or nearly 28 million euros.

Over the past two years, Rupert Grint’s businesses – such as Clay 10 Ltd which was estimated at nearly 22 million euros according to The Daily Mail – have recorded a gain of almost 3, 4 million euros. “Rupert became a real estate mogul and worked his magic on building his empire,” reported a relative of the converted actor in The Sun Columns, “his wallet is worth around £ 24million now and he’s growing it all the time. He’s started three real estate businesses that are all making incredible amounts of money. ” As a result, Rupert Grint was able to afford several homes in Hertfordshire and Luton, London.

Happy daddy

Obviously happy in business, the main concerned is just as happy in his personal life. In a relationship with another actress by the name of Georgia Groome for several years, Rupert Grint became a father for the first time on Thursday, May 7, 2020. The young woman gave birth to a little girl whose first name has not been disclosed. A small family who care about their secret garden and can live comfortably out of sight.

Happy in business © Denis Guignebourg

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