Ruined Ursula Corbero (La Casa de papel): how she squandered her money at the start of her career

Planetary star thanks to her role of Tokyo in the Spanish series La Casa de papel, Ursula Corbero began her career at the age of 13. If she played small roles, it was in 2008, at the age of 19 that the young actress rose to prominence by playing Ruth Gomez, a rebellious teenager suffering from bulimia in the Physics or Chemistry series. Very quickly, Ursula Corbero received numerous awards and proposals for roles. If according to estimates unveiled by the site Celebrity Net Worth, the fortune of the actress now stands at $ 3 million, a few years earlier, the latter was totally ruined.

In an interview with the Spanish magazine Yo Dona in 2017, Ursula Corbero confided in fact that she had not been able to manage her money at the beginning of her career: “At the beginning, I felt a little weird at the idea of being famous. I didn’t quite understand what was happening to me. It was wonderful to have money, for sure. But I lost everything. That’s what happens when you’re young and that you’re not used to. I had a hole in my wallet. My addiction was fashion. But it passed to me. ”

“Money has another value in my eyes”

If the actress does not regret anything about this period, however, she understood growing up that it was necessary to pay attention to money: “These are different periods and now, money has another value in my eyes. changed a lot. At the time, I was like ‘I go out with my friends from my village and I invite them to dinner.’ It was amazing. I lived on the outskirts of Madrid and when I took a taxi to the center I had 40 euros there and back. But I don’t regret those moments. I come of a small neighborhood where I had a quiet life with my lifelong friends, so I wasn’t really used to Madrid which is a very busy city. But now I live in the city center and I do yoga to help me stay steady. Everything goes so fast that I need it. I’ve always been very nervous. ”

Ursula Corbero at the “La Casa De Papel – Season 3” photocall in Milan, July 17, 2019 © PacificPressAgency

Ursula Corbero at the “La Casa De Papel – Season 3” photocall in Milan, July 17, 2019 © PacificPressAgency
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