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Rose McGowan breaks arm as she finds out about US election result

More fear than harm ! A few days ago, Rose McGowan broke her arm! Like most Americans, the 47-year-old actress closely followed the presidential election. Very captivated by reading the results and realizing that Joe Biden was getting closer to victory, the star had a fall and was forced to go to the hospital! On Instagram, the pioneer of the Me Too movement then shared a photo showing her lying in a hospital bed, with her arm in a cast. In caption, Rose McGowan first wrote: “Reading US election results on the stairs = bone fracture.”

While currently in Mexico, the pretty blonde took the opportunity to comment on the current state of health care in the United States. Indeed, going to the hospital costs much less. Rose McGowan added: “It cost Mexico $ 250 for my emergency room visit, compared to a probable hospital bill of $ 10,000 in California for the same accident. The United States is not the land of the free. , it is the land of the overcharged. ” Faced with her anger, an Internet user then asked her why she was not staying in Mexico. To which she replied: “It is. My father has lived in Mexico City for years, my aunt and uncle are music composers in San Miguel DA, it is in my blood to stay in the land heart-centered. I came here to heal my bowels and it really helps me. ”

The actress knows she is privileged

Throughout the election, Rose McGowan strongly opposed Donald Trump and Joe Biden on social media. It is not surprising then that she chose to leave the country as the results approached. When another fan let her know that the average salary in Mexico is very low, the actress admitted that she was a privileged person: “I know. I am privileged. I was in a small private hospital with good people. healthcare. In the United States, healthcare is the number one cause of bankruptcy. ” While another netizen wrote about free health care and education in Europe, the one who grew up in Europe until she was 10 said that “Americans were made to fear that money that they are paying in taxes isn’t really going to do anything that can help them. It’s stupid and it’s brainwashing. ”

Rose McGowan © Backgrid UK

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