It is one of the most legendary love stories in French cinema. Respectively aged 26 and 33, Romy Schneider and Alain Delon met in 1958 during the shooting of the film Christine, by Pierre Gaspart-Huit. But while the story goes that Romy would have chosen Delon to share the poster of the film, this theory is called into question. Guest on William’s set at noon this Wednesday, January 5 on C8, the writer Henry-Jean Servat, author of the biography Romy Schneider, the legend published in 2011, spoke of the beginnings of the romance of the two actors. According to her version, it is Magda Schneider, Romy’s mother, who would have chosen Delon for the film. She would have even fired Roger Moore in the process.

“To play the role of lieutenant, Michel Safra (the producer of ‘Christine’, editor’s note) had chosen Roger Moore, says the writer. Roger Moore is an English actor who was very successful in Europe because he was filming ‘ Ivanhoé ‘. It was big fashion, so he had chosen Roger Moore to be Romy’s partner. Romy was a minor at the time, so she could not choose her partners. Magda Schneider, her mother , saw the pictures of Roger Moore and found him a little old. He was 9 years older than her daughter, she thought that on the screen, it would not necessarily go very well. She pushed Roger aside Moore when the contract was pre-signed and he was introduced to French actors. Romy did not like Alain Delon. His mother, Magda, signed the contract on the good head of Alain Delon and then we said to Romy ‘You will have this one as a partner’. It is said that Romy shuddered when she saw him, it’s not true! It’s the mother! “

“My love for you is eternal, my Puppelé”

This is how the legend was born. On the set of Christine, Romy and Alain got closer to the point of falling head over heels in love with each other. Nicknamed the “fiancés of Europe” by the press, they celebrated their engagement on March 22, 1959 but never married. In 1963, Alain Delon finally left the beautiful Sissi, but both have always kept a lot of affection for each other. On September 23, 2021, the day which would have marked Romy Schneider’s 83rd birthday, Alain Delon paid tribute to her in a tender message: “I remember … We were wondering:” who fell in love first, you or me? We counted: ‘One, two, three!’ And we replied: “Neither you nor I! Together. Together … My love for you is eternal, my Puppelé”, he wrote.


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