In September 2020, Romeo Elvis is accused of sexually assaulting a young woman. If the latter does not file a complaint, the rapper’s image is tarnished. And for good reason: he immediately recognizes the facts and will apologize publicly. On the occasion of the release of his third album, the artist returned to this affair and thus evoked the way in which he spoke about these accusations with his sister, Angèle, in the columns of Le Parisien: “It had a impact on her, because she’s my sister and she defends certain values. That’s why I took my responsibilities very quickly”, he confides.

Roméo Elvis also explains that he underwent therapy after this affair to understand “why I had come to this. I questioned myself deeply”. The man would then have started “a deep questioning”. Angèle’s brother then evokes the image he had of him: “I had a click, a start after the affair, when I was lower than the ground and wondering what was wrong. not in my life. I opened my eyes and hated my communication… It was part of my character, I overdid it and the more provocative I was, the more likes I got”.

Romeo Elvis: “The human that I am lived in his world in a celebrity bubble”

The preparation of his third album was beneficial for Romeo Elvis: “I am much more sincere and honest there, there is no taboo. I gave myself up, I shared my emotions hoping that they would be understood and shared by listeners”. With this new album, the rapper wants to be a new man, far from the image he conveyed during this case of sexual assault. “The human that I am lived in his world in a bubble of celebrity where we gain a lot of confidence, where we believe that we can say anything, do anything, with complete impunity”.

Roméo Elvis and Angèle © COADIC GUIREC

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