Three years after the film, it’s time for the series! The fuzzy love of Romane Bohringer lands on Canal + on November 8. A series in which the actress and director will relate the adventures of a separated couple, parents of two children, who continue to live under the same roof, in what they call a “separtement”: two separate apartments but communicating with each other by the children’s room.

And to shape this series, Romane Bohringer has chosen to call on members of his family to interpret the roles: his former companion Philippe Rebbot, their children, Raoul and Rose, as well as his father, Richard Bohringer. A choice that the actress assumes and that pleases her, as she confided to Télé Star: “I have always been fascinated by films on the murky border between reality and fiction, crossed by vital issues. When we shoot with members of our life, I am convinced that the emotion felt when filming them will be perceptible for the viewers, ”she explains.

Romane Bohringer: “I wanted to tell how my father is constantly reborn from his ashes”

In the series, Romane Bohringer also wanted to make man to his father, who fought cancer and whose health remains fragile. “I wanted to pay tribute to him, as well as to my mother-in-law, and my sister, but without being social. It was very important that all families could recognize each other, continues his daughter in Télé Star. I wanted to tell how my father, despite the age which made him fragile, is a man, an artist, a wild beast, who is constantly reborn from his ashes. He went through a lot of health problems, but on stage, he is crossed again by a form of magnificent vitality. I hope he does not mind me too much for having made him play the grumpy, rather funny gimmick after all. ” A very beautiful declaration of love from a daughter to her father.

Richard and Romane Bohringer © Philippe Arnassan

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