On February 22, Romane Bohringer will star in the film Petites, directed by Julie Lerat-Gersant. In this feature film, the 49-year-old actress plays an educator who welcomes a pregnant teenager into her center. But in taking on the role, she revealed that terrible memories from the past had come to the surface. Indeed, the actress is the daughter of Richard Bohringer and Marguerite Bourry. The latter gave birth to her child when she was 21 years old. A few months later, she divorced and left behind her baby, who was only 9 months old.

“Beyond my character, I was very moved by the story of this teenager who is expecting a child she does not want,” said Romane Bohringer in an interview with Version Femina magazine on Monday, February 6. And to add: “when I read Julie’s screenplay, I was overwhelmed. There was such a twinning with what I experienced, with the themes that torment me and irrigate my life: motherhood, transmission, the fragility of the mother-daughter bond, the construction of the adult who had a dented childhood. My second film, which I am writing, will moreover speak of this severed bond, of what the we make of it, of what we keep.”

Romane Bohringer proud of her own motherhood

From these painful memories, Romane Bohringer indicated that she had retained “a great emptiness and a great strength”, in particular in her relationship to her “own motherhood”. “I had an adoptive mom who means a lot, but the initial abandonment has accentuated the questions many women are asking about their legitimacy as a mother,” continued the one who gave birth to two children, Rose. (2008) and Raoul (2011), from her union with Philippe Rebbot. And to conclude: “every day spent with my children makes me tell myself that I did not come out so badly. And finally, knowing that I did not reproduce the pattern, that I ‘succeeded’ there where my mother had failed, made me stronger”.

Romane Bohringer abandoned at 9 months by her mother: the actress confides in this "great void"

Romane Bohringer © RACHID BELLAK

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