Roman Polanski: why the director is being sued for defamation

Legal troubles continue for Roman Polanski. According to information from 20 Minutes, the director is the subject of a new complaint. It is the British actress Charlotte Lewis who attacks him for defamation, after the remarks he made to her in an interview with Paris Match last December. The actress accused him of having raped her in 1982, when she was 16 in Paris. To our colleagues, the director denounced “an odious lie”. “She brought this accusation in 2010, when I was imprisoned in Switzerland, pending the decision on extradition. She must have forgotten that, eleven years before, in 1999, (…) she did an interview, where she declares: ‘I was fascinated by him, I wanted to become his mistress’ then ‘I probably wanted him more than he wanted me’ “, continued Roman Polanski, then in full turmoil after the release of his film J’accuse.

“It’s a long and detailed interview, where she also confesses: ‘I don’t know how many men have slept with me for money. I was 14 years old'”, he replied to Paris Match. , explaining that “it would be necessary to question shrinks, scientists, historians” to understand Charlotte Lewis, whom he wanted “out of (s) a life”. A few months after the publication of this interview, the 52-year-old actress filed a defamation complaint. She “considers that this interview undermines her honor and her consideration”, explains the entourage of the actress to 20 Minutes. Still according to our colleagues, she wishes to become a civil party with Sabine Khéris, the dean of the investigating judges of the Paris court, and thus, open a judicial investigation. Roman Polanski’s lawyer explained that he was not “informed” of this complaint and did not want to make “any comment”.

Charlotte Lewis: “I cried a lot. I felt lonely”

Charlotte Lewis had accused Roman Polanski of having raped her in the middle of the Cannes Film Festival in 2010. She then explained that she had been “sexually abused in the worst possible way” by the filmmaker at the age of 16: “Mr. Polanski knew that I was only 16 when we met, and he forced me into his apartment in Paris. All I want is justice. ” After his words, an article in the News of the world newspaper was unearthed. In it, she explained “probably wanting more than he (her) wanted”. “I knew Roman had done something wrong in America, but I wanted to be his mistress,” Charlotte Lewis continued. Words that Roman Polanski uses to defend himself. Last December in the columns of The Obs, the actress confided: “I should never have spoken. I should just have closed it. Because I had not thought of everything that was going to happen (.. .) I cried a lot. I felt lonely. ”

Roman Polanski © COADIC GUIREC

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