Everyone knows her face, she is invariably present in the stands to support her champion husband, but Mirka Federer remains very discreet. Invisible on social networks, away from the media, this mother of 4 has dedicated her life to Roger Federer.

He is also the first to pay tribute to him. In an interview with the Guardian in 2016, he confessed: “when I met her, I had zero titles, I now have 88”. He even added a few more to the counter. Four years later, he confided once again to The Times about the special relationship they had built: “She was the one who supported me the most. She walked away from tennis and retired with incredible ease, without ever really trying to make a comeback “, and to add:” she explained to me that she would rather help me to have an extraordinary career, that if both of them had a career, we would not see each other and we would be miserable, we might even go our separate ways because we didn’t see each other enough. ”

Discreet, she knows how to surround herself

It was Mirka Federer who taught Roger the discipline, she who did not count her hours on the courts when she was playing on the professional circuit. Hence, no doubt, her reputation as a cold and boring woman. However, under her air of a discreet woman, Mirka is always well surrounded. She rubs shoulders with Anna Wintour, Bradley Cooper, David Beckham and was invited to the wedding of Pippa Middleton and James Mathews in May 2018. “Mirka knows how to stay in touch with everyone,” Roger Federer told the New York Times, “she maintains perfectly our friendships. ” And she has her character. We remember this spade sent to Stanislas Wawrinka during the semi-final of the London Masters in 2014. While the player complained about the noise of the Federer clan in the stands, she had called him a crybaby. Ready to defend her clan like a lioness.

At almost 40 years old, Roger Federer is close to retirement. For sure, Mirka will know how to support him in this new stage of his life.

Roger Federer and his wife Mirka Federer © Zuma Press

Lara T.
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