Singer for several decades, Roch Voisine is also a father hen. The 59-year-old artist is indeed the hour father of three children. His elders, Killian and Alix-Elouan were born from his marriage to Myriam St-Jean. Separated from their mother, the interpreter of the tube Hélène wants to be a caring dad for his 17 and 15 year old teenagers. “My parents separated when I was 3 or 4 years old, I didn’t have a terrible childhood. (…) Despite my divorce, I try to offer my two sons what I don’t have. not known”, he confided in the columns of We Two a few years ago. In 2011, Roch Voisine found love again in the arms of Myriam Chantal. At the time of a doctoral student in psychology, the then 26-year-old young woman worked in a restaurant where the singer used to go, in Quebec.

“I ended up giving him my phone number. By my driver, so as not to inconvenience him and to prevent it from gossiping with his colleagues, told Roch Voisine at the Gala. I am disorganized and carefree. Myriam is mature, smart, knows how to manage the house.” With Myriam Chantal, the singer became a dad for the third time on a symbolic date: July 1, Canada Day. “It is with infinite happiness that Roch Voisine and Myriam announce the birth of their little girl, Lily-Dorina, born July 1 at 1:14 a.m. at Saint-Jérôme hospital, near Montreal”, wrote the happy dad on his Twitter account. Daddy of a baby, Roch Voisine couldn’t be happier. “It’s a pleasure to be a dad again,” he assured 7 Days.

Roch Voisine: “I like when things are done well”

“We are lucky, we have a beautiful little girl who is healthy, who has energy and who is adorable. My girlfriend is an extraordinary mother”, confided the singer again about the one who has made his heart beat since more than ten years. To our colleagues, he explained that he was a rather authoritarian father with his three children. “But that doesn’t mean that I don’t have a heart! (…) Me, I like when things are done well, when the effort is there. If you don’t make any, well, expect me to tell you and be demanding and severe“, he described himself to our colleagues. And don’t expect to see family photos on social networks since Roch Voisine is not one to spread his private life online. His family, he enjoys it privately.

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