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Robin Williams: Zak confides in his descent into hell after the death of his father

Six years after the death of his father, Zak, the son of comedian Robin Williams has agreed to engage in a long interview given to The Dr. Oz Show. In the latter, the 37-year-old young man notably returned to his father’s suicide and his descent into hell after losing him: “I was perfectly aware of my father’s depression problems, which sometimes manifested themselves as addictive, and he took a long time to support his wellness and mental health, especially when faced with a challenge. It was something that was a daily job for him. ” Robin William’s eldest son went on to explain, “The main thing for me was to notice how he went to great lengths to provide for himself while being able to present himself to others. It was clear that he gave prioritizing his sanity for most of his life, at least what I’ve been through with him. ”

If Zak Williams knew his father was in pain, his death caused him depression and drug addiction and thus realized that he needed help to get up. “I found myself at the bottom (…) I found myself wanting to drink alcohol and not thinking. It was something that was really deregulating for me. I woke up in the morning and I felt like I was having a dissociative experience, but I just didn’t want to live the life I was living. I realized something had to happen, “he recalled. Better about himself, Zak explained that his recovery came through a healthier lifestyle, but also by connecting with people: “I can’t stress how important service is in my life. thing is that I have found the community support groups to be really helpful. I am in a 12 step program, it is very helpful for me personally. through community organizations or sports, there are a number of things. ”

“Despite traumatic events, I can get up”

Last May, it was for People magazine that Zak Williams revealed how he kept his father’s spirit alive, notably by working with associations that aim to guarantee Americans access to mental health care: ” I stay away from drugs and alcohol, I am committed to supporting groups. One thing that I have found very healing for myself through my experience has been service and commitment to service, especially around from mental health support organizations. Eat well, commit to a healthy lifestyle. What I need in my weekly and daily regimen to better support my well-being. ” Having become a dad a year and a half ago, it was last October that he revealed: “I am delighted to have a family and to live the life that I have always wanted to live. I learned that I am not broken. Despite traumatic events, I can stand up. And I am now on the road to recovery and to be the person I always wanted to be. ”

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