Robin Williams: why her daughter Zelda will stay away from social networks for the anniversary of her death

On August 11, 2014, Robin Williams committed suicide at the age of 63 in his California home on Paradise Cay. Police said the comedian was found hanging from a belt, with a knife near him. If his left wrist was gashed with a dozen small cuts, a police officer assures us that the latter died “of suicide due to suffocation from hanging.” If Robin Williams was particularly loved by the public and had played in many successful films, his press secretary had revealed that he was suffering from severe depression. Six years after her death, fans continue to pay tribute to the star who has appeared in more than seventy films.

Monday August 10, 2020, the eve of the anniversary of her father’s death, Zelda Williams felt the need to confide in a story posted on Instagram and on Twitter: “Tomorrow is the anniversary of the death of dad. As always, I won’t be here. It is difficult for me on the good basic days to remain the person who is supposed to graciously accept the world’s need to share his memories of him and to express condolences for his loss. ” She continued, “As I have said in the past, as I am constantly touched by your boundless love for him, on some days it can feel like it is seen as a roadside memorial. – a place, not a person – where people walk by and let go of their feelings and then go through their days, comforted that their love for him has been shown. But sometimes it leaves me emotionally buried under a pile of memories. other people instead of mine. After all, even roses in the truck weigh a ton. Tomorrow is just too much. ”

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– Zelda Williams (@zeldawilliams) August 10, 2020

Zelda Williams does suicide prevention

Affected by the death of her father, the 31-year-old actress wants no one to take her father’s path. Thus, she concluded her post by doing prevention: “In my place, if you find yourself in a crisis situation and you are looking for this page in the hope of being close to him, please use one of the resources following if you need it. Anyone who needs to hear it, please use it as a signpost in the wilderness. Reach out. Ask for help. Keep fighting. ” Zelda Williams has listed the suicide prevention hotlines around the world, but also the American association of substance abuse, anxiety and depression.


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