Robin Williams: what happens to his three children, Zachary, Zelda and Cody?

On August 11, 2014, Robin Williams bowed out, leaving the world of cinema (and more) in mourning. The nostalgic will remember his dramatic performances in “Will Hunting” or “The circle of missing poets”, but also of his comic power, which he applied so well in “Good Morning Vietnam”, “Hook” or even “Mrs. Doubtfire”. The latter, in which he takes the appearance of a slightly wacky Irish housekeeper, will be (re) broadcast this Tuesday. On the occasion of Robin Williams’ visit to our screens, it is good to remember that this sacred monster not only left behind memorable acting performances and mourning movie lovers. No, the actor was also the father of three children: Zachary (37 years old), Zelda (31 years old) and Cody (28 years old). More than six years after the death of their father, what has become of them?

Since Robin Williams’ death, some days have been more difficult for the actor’s children than others. This is particularly the case of July 21, date of her birthday, which Zelda, her daughter, had difficulty in overcoming. “It’s that time of year again. Anyone who has faced loss knows the pain of certain birthdays, moments of memory that come like clockwork and usurp everyone else,” he said. she expressed on social networks in 2018. But in 2019, an event managed to change the situation somewhat, since that same day, her younger brother Cody got married. “July 21 has meant a lot to me over the years (…) it was the day my father was born and the last day I saw him,” Zelda explained on Instagram before adding “This became the day I officially won a new sister!”, Referring to Maria Flores, longtime companion of Cody Williams. The ceremony also counted among the guests the older brother, Zachary, as smiling as his two younger children.

Robin Williams: her children free from want

In 2009, five years before his death, Robin Williams had ensured the financial future of his children by setting up a trust, or a three-step money transfer to each other’s respective accounts, the sum total not being given to them until their 30s. What to be quiet for several years.

The Williams Family © © ACE Pictures / KCS PRESSE

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