Robin Williams: the terrible revelations of his widow on her suicide at 63

In cinema, television or even, when he met fans, Robin Williams always had a smile … If the actor was very popular with the public, he committed suicide more than six years ago. A drama difficult to accept for those who admired it. And for good reason, he never showed any sign of weakness. Asked by The Guardian, his widow, Susan Schneider Williams explained: “He kept his face in public for a long time. But, behind the scenes, we knew for a while that something was wrong. We just didn’t know how to diagnose it. ‘origin of the problem. ” In this lengthy interview, the young woman revealed: “The medical examiner asked me, after the forensic examination, if I was aware that my husband had Lewy Body Dementia. said his whole brain was affected. I didn’t even know what it was yet. But that didn’t surprise me. The idea that something had taken hold of my husband’s thoughts actually made it clearer many things.”

During the last months of his life, Robin Williams was no longer the same. “Doctors had not yet spotted Lewy body dementia. He had received a serious diagnosis anyway: Parkinson’s disease. But because Parkinson’s patients suffer from similar symptoms. I still wondered, because this disease alone could not explain these sudden mood swings. Or the fact that he might suddenly become totally paranoid. It was not in his nature at all, and that was what worried me about it. more, “explained the widow of the Circle of Missing Poets star. While he was aware that he was no longer the same, Susan Schneider Williams added: “Everyone noticed that he had changed, but without understanding why. We had an appointment with the neurologist, because I was asking me questions about the diagnosis he had been given. But just a week before, he decided to leave this world … I think it was for fear that he would be locked up and never regains his freedom again. ”

Restore the truth at all costs

Angrily, Susan Schneider Williams explained, “The media were speculating. They said we had money issues that led to his suicide. He was depressed. He was alcoholic and drug addict. . It’s especially this last rumor that makes me angry. If Robin had spent a short stay in the clinic, it was to put his thoughts in order and to manage his emotions, not for a detox. When he died, It had been eight years since he had touched a drink of alcohol. So he wasn’t an alcoholic, his brain was loose. ” While making a documentary on the last months of her husband’s life, titled Robin’s Wish, the young woman added: “We show for the first time what the end of her life has been like. ‘hopes to help people recognize the symptoms of the disease in their loved ones. Because with the right treatment and the necessary support, people with the disease still have many years to come. ”

Robin Williams and his wife, Susan Schneider Williams © FAME PICTURES

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