He is the UK prisoner who spent the most time in solitary confinement. For over forty years Robert Maudsley has lived behind a glass wall. Convicted in 1974 for the murder of John Farrell, the serial killer is known to have embarked on a murderous madness while serving his sentence at Broadmoor Asylum and then at Wakefield High Security Prison. He is notably accused of having brutally murdered three of his fellow prisoners, and suspected of having eaten part of the brain of one of his victims. First nicknamed “Hannibal the Cannibal” in reference to this alleged crime, he later received the nickname Hannibal Lecter, in connection with the character played by Anthony Hopkins in The Silence of the Lambs. Following these extremely atrocious crimes, the real Hannibal Lecter was placed in solitary confinement in 1979.

But if Robert Maudsley has not been seen outside his cell for over forty years, his presence is felt in the life of his niece, Claire Maudsley. Aged 37, she emerged from the silence in an interview with the Daily Mirror, evoking in particular her youth in the shadow of Hannibal Lecter. “Bob is my father Billy’s older brother. Growing up, I knew he was in prison but I didn’t know why. It wasn’t until people started asking me about him that I learned what he was and what had happened, ”she said. “When I was little he used to send me birthday cards calling me ‘Little Princess’. I found it weird that this man I had never met and didn’t know thinks I was. a princess.” Upon discovering the true identity of her uncle, Claire Maudsley admits to being captivated. “I must admit I was fascinated by my Uncle Bob myself. Who wouldn’t be? Not everyone has a serial killer in the family.”

The curse Robert Maudsley

But the fascination around her uncle, the niece of “Hannibal the Cannibal” pays dearly for her today. Still in the columns of the Daily Mirror, she reveals that she has a lot of difficulties in her love life. She claims to meet only dark men obsessed with the story of Robert Maudsley, the latest being Ronnie Whitby, a violent man who forced her to have his name tattooed on her private parts. “Ronnie Whitby was nice when I met him. He was nice and had a really good sense of humor,” recalls the 30-something. “He was kind of a social justice warrior, he hated prejudice. I thought he was different. We laughed a lot together, he made me feel like I mattered. But he started to get jealous. Keeping me from seeing my friends and controlling everything I do. He even forced me to tattoo his name on my private parts. He said I belonged to him. ”

After several months of relationship, Ronnie Whitby lost control and savagely attacked his partner in a hotel room. He was then sentenced to 18 months of detention, accompanied by a restrictive injunction of two years. “I really attract the worst kinds of psychopaths,” says Claire Maudsley. “I wonder if this has anything to do with my Uncle Bob. At first Ronnie Whitby seemed to be interested in a normal degree in my uncle’s case. But after what happened, I realize it was a sick, attracted to violence and crime. ” Ronnie Whitby’s criminal record brings together many offenses committed from 2003. He was notably accused of theft, assault, clashes and violence, some of which had already been committed against Claire Maudsley in 2019.


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