Robert de Niro: how his wife ruined him in 30 years of marriage

Actor known worldwide for his participation in films such as Taxi Driver, Raging Bull or The Godfather 2, Robert De Niro is one of the biggest names in Hollywood. While one might think that an actor like him is immune to financial problems, the English newspaper The Sun tells us that this is far from the case. In 2018, the American actor ends his relationship of more than thirty years with Grace Hightower, also an actress. Since then, their divorce must be pronounced by justice but certain amounts that the actor must pay to his future ex-wife are disputed by his lawyers.

According to them, Grace Hightower spent a lot of her husband’s money when they were still together. Their pre-nuptial contract stated that as long as Robert De Niro was making more than 17 million euros a year, he had to pay his wife 1.2 million. Robert De Niro’s lawyers explain that, because of this agreement and the crazy sums spent by his wife, the actor had to accept all the contracts offered to him: “Mr. De Niro is 77 years old. loves his job, he shouldn’t have to work at this hectic pace because he has to. When is it going to end? ” Since the beginning of the XXIst century, Robert De Niro has indeed multiplied the appearances in American comedies which often flops at the box office.

Grace Hightower demands more money

His advice continued: “When will he have the opportunity not to take every project that comes up, not to work six days a week, twelve hours a day, just because of Mrs. Hightower’s love for her. Stella MacCartney [Editor’s note: a luxury clothing brand]? If he gets sick tomorrow, the party is over. ” Grace Hightower’s lawyers counterattacked, arguing that Robert De Niro often used private jets to get around and was therefore far from poor. They noted that De Niro was reducing more and more the sums he paid her and that she would henceforth only receive “only” 80,000 euros per month.

Robert De Niro and his wife Grace Hightower © Charles Guerin

Robert De Niro and his wife Grace Hightower © Charles Guerin
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