Robbie Williams: the singer reveals since when he no longer drinks and drugs

His excesses are now just a bad memory. In his youth, Robbie Williams often abused alcohol and drugs to try to get out of the depression he suffered from since his early childhood. In the 1990s, after his departure from the boy band Take That, the singer locked himself in a destructive spiral. Cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, drugs of all kinds … Robbie Williams made his body and his mind experience a real descent into hell. Helped by Elton John, himself an ex-alcoholic, Angel’s interpreter managed to raise his head. “I took a lot of drugs for a period, then I stopped, tells Robbie Williams in the columns of the Parisian, this Tuesday, December 22. And when you stop, you have to understand the reasons that made you have them taken. It is often because you are depressed, anxious. ”

The singer has changed for his children

To succeed in saying goodbye to his addictions, Robbie Williams needed an electric shock. And it was parenthood that made him aware of his excesses. Dad of four children – Theodora, 8, Charlton, 6, Colette, two and Beau, ten months – he wanted to change for their good. “I know that having children allowed me to get rid of my bad habits, affirms the singer in the columns of Parisien. I was doing well before too.” Several years before the arrival of his elder brother, Robbie Williams had embarked on a real change. “I have not drunk alcohol for twenty years, not taken cocaine for a very long time, assures the singer to our colleagues. But when the children were born, I wanted to be the best version of myself for them. J I tried to be it first for my wife. But with them, I had to flee for good the sirens of the party world, my life before. ”

Robbie Williams: his battle with depression

And if he explains having done it first “reluctantly”, it is today a “pure joy” for Robbie Williams. Now, when he goes through a bad patch, he no longer turns to drugs but to the medical profession. “I went back to see a shrink this year, he confided in the columns of the Sun. It’s complicated to release an album, to talk to people like me and to be on television, then to do the same thing country afterwards. country. Even if I was more relaxed, it would still be extremely stressful. But it turns out that I’m not a very relaxed person, I’m even the opposite of that state. ” He went on to talk about his daily life: “I have always oscillated between a low level or a high level of depression. So I try to take care of myself as best I can. If that means resting alone for a while in My corner, I do. Depression is a life-long illness but I know I could still work, even if I feel bad. ”

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Robbie Williams: the singer reveals since when he no longer drinks and drugs
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