This is what we call suffering in luxury. For the past few days, as reported by the Daily Mail, Robbie Williams has been stranded in Saint-Barth. The singer flew to the Caribbean to spend the holiday season with his wife, Ayda Field and their children – Teddy, seven, Charlton, five, Coco, twenty-three months and the youngest, Beau, six months old. But the holidays have turned into a nightmare since Robbie Williams has tested positive for the coronavirus. Finally a golden nightmare, because the little family is isolated, as the health recommendations want it, in a luxurious villa. “Robbie has been quite ill, a source told The Sun. He is confined to the villa where he is staying with his family. It is not exactly the worst place in the world to be quarantined, although he cannot. not go to the beach. He will have to stay in quarantine for 14 days. “

According to the Daily Mail, the villa rented by the family for the holidays and for their quarantine costs the trifle of 106,000 pounds (or nearly 125,000 euros) for a week. After catching the coronavirus, Robbie Williams will therefore have to spend, at a minimum, 250,000 euros more than what he had planned. Since the start of the pandemic, the singer has had to cancel many concerts. The artist even admitted to having been “afraid” for his life a few months ago, when he started to feel some typical symptoms of Covid-19. “When I landed in Los Angeles, the weather was particularly cloudy and gray, and with everything going on, it seemed very apocalyptic, he told The Sun. I was in quarantine in an AirBnb, far from my family , and I started to worry about food, my medicine was running out … and I was very scared for a few days. “

Robbie Williams, confined far from his family

“Then I felt my body get lethargic and tired and heavy and I convinced myself I had the coronavirus, Robbie Williams continued. I never do it normally, but I got down on my knees and prayed. . I thought of my wife and my family. ” In order not to lose the link with his relatives, the singer had implemented funny measures. His wife shared videos in which the couple were talking to each other from several feet away. “We’re on social distancing right now, a lot of people have asked what social distancing is and I’ve been researching,” she explained. “And that’s just staying away from bars and restaurants and clubs and your own husband if he’s been to Australia on a plane and at an airport. ” At the end of March, after respecting the isolation period, he was finally able to find his family. It is now all together that they live this complicated period … but under the Caribbean sun.

Robbie Williams © Backgrid UK

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