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Robbie Williams poisoned with mercury: how he almost died

In a recent interview with Radio X, the 46-year-old singer shared a rather surprising anecdote. Indeed, a trivial blood test in 2017 revealed an abnormally high level of mercury in Robbie Williams’ system. “I did a test because my wife is neurotic and she does all kinds of tests constantly”, began by explaining the singer before adding “Fortunately! Because I could have fallen dead from a mercury and arsenic poisoning. ” The cause of these surprising blood results? “I ate fish twice a day and had the highest rate of mercury poisoning my doctor has ever seen!” Even more surprisingly, instead of panicking after learning that his abundant fish nutrition could have done him serious damage, Robbie Williams was caught up by his competitive nature. “You know what I thought when I heard that? ‘I won!’ This is how my ego works, ‘I have the highest … did you say the highest? Thank you.’ I literally won the prize for mercury. ” More seriously, the interpreter of Feel explained to have completely stopped eating fish the day after the results, three years ago, and to have opted for a plant-based diet.

Robbie Williams: “It’s very weird to go from touring to intensive care”

And 2017 was not an easy one for Robbie Williams since, the same year, he had another fear concerning his health. “I had blood tests, and I had various scans, including one for my heart and one for my brain, and some abnormalities were discovered, including something on my brain that looked like blood,” revealed the singer at The Sun at the time. The tests came after the artist canceled part of her tour due to worrying symptoms like “numbness in her left arm” and “loss of saliva control” on the side of her mouth. “It’s very weird going from a tour to a stay in intensive care,” said Robbie Williams.

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