Robbie Williams, singer with a devastating bad boy smile, sparkling eyes, mischievous air, has long been battling depression, which has already brought him down in the past. For a long time, the star had a fondness for alcohol and illicit substances, and he knows that the shadow of his demons still hangs over his life.

Thus, for the ex-member of the group Take That, depression “is a permanent fight, because there is an underlying soil”, explained Robbie Williams in the columns of Paris Match in November 2019. “If I manage to sleep normally, to take care of myself, everything is fine. But if I fall on a pill, on powder or on alcohol, then I sink”, continued Robbie Williams, father of 3 children , who married Ayda Field in 2010.

Cannabis once in a while

A fulfilling family life and career, seemingly happiness. “I advance a magnet that attracts me to self-destruction. The important thing is that I know it. But it’s better,” added Robbie Williams.

In 2014, he explained to have calmed down, or at least to have stopped alcohol and the most dangerous drugs, nevertheless agreeing to cannabis from time to time. A metamorphosis that he owes in particular to paternity. “Since the birth of Theo (his daughter Theodora, aged 7, editor’s note), I have been more serious. The last time I drank was 13 years ago, the last time I was under the effect of the cannabis was two days ago. No big drug session, just a small dose, purely to relax”, admitted then Robbie Williams to the German press.

Robbie Williams and his fight against depression: "If I fall on a pill, I sink"

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