Robbie Williams abducted by aliens: a man claims to have met him in a spaceship

Robbie Williams would he have met aliens? This crazy theory is Russ Kellett’s. In the columns of the Daily Star, this 57-year-old Englishman claimed to have been kidnapped by aliens, who measured three meters, in 1999. “I was on my motorcycle and I went through a tunnel. Right after, I was sitting on a chair with something in my throat while I was injected with something in the back of my neck, “said the man, who defines himself as an alien hunter. The rest of his “meeting” with the little green men is disturbing. Russ Kellett says he had to put on a uniform before having to queue … in front of Robbie Williams. “I looked around and there was someone behind me, he said. I looked at this man and I recognized him immediately. I said to him: ‘We are not Wouldn’t know by any chance? ‘. Then I was told to stand in line and I didn’t see him again. But I’m sure it was Robbie Williams. We only spoke for a short while, but it was really him. ”

Robbie Williams, contacted by the British tabloid, has neither denied nor confirmed Russ Kellett’s remarks but only replied that he would “not comment”. For several years, the singer has several times explained his interest in extraterrestrial life. The interpreter of Angel indeed claims to have spoken to ghosts, to have been visited by extraterrestrials and to have seen strange orbs of light which he was convinced were extraterrestrial life forms. “I experienced phenomena that I cannot explain. I saw one just above me. I could have hit him with a tennis ball. No substance was involved,” he joked. , referring to his dependence on alcohol and drugs. In 2008, he even imagined stopping his career for a while to devote himself to hunting aliens. According to Examiner, Robbie Williams even bought an island in California in order to turn it into a “UFO observation base.”

Robbie Williams: “I stopped talking to them”

But in recent years, Robbie Williams’ fascination with the paranormal has subsided. The singer said in fact that the aliens had abandoned him since he had become the father of Theodora, Charlton, Colette and Beau. “The strangest thing is that since I have children, the phenomenon has stopped happening,” he said. “I guess once you have children, they absorb all your energy and your thoughts. ” He then confided that his religious education in Stoke-on-Trent had pushed him to take an interest in the supernatural. “I was told early on that I saw people who died and that I spoke to them. This kind of thing continued during my youth, assured Robbie Williams. Then I stopped speaking to them because I found of drugs. I came out of the Catholic womb, so you were told all these amazing stories about this amazing man walking on water … So you’re already open to the possibility of the paranormal. ”

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