Viewers will reunite with Rob Lowe in Season 2 of 9-1-1 Lonestar. This Saturday, February 12, M6 will broadcast three episodes of this series in which the actor plays the role of Owen, the fire captain of a barracks in Austin, Texas. Actor well known to American viewers, he is also or even above all a fulfilled husband and still just as much in love with Sheryl Berkoff. Between them, everything started in 1983… during a blind date. But it was only six years later that they got together, never to leave each other again. At the time, the comedian and makeup artist-turned-jewelry designer worked together on the erotic thriller Bad Influence.

The two married in 1991 and gave birth to two children, two sons: Matthew in 1993 and John Owen two years later. “I’m happy that I lived the life that I lived because I have no regrets. At the time, I was ready to be a father, to carve pumpkins on Halloween, to read books and serving hot meals on Wednesdays, confided the actor in the columns of People. I really, really loved every minute. For his family, Rob Lowe did not skimp. When he played in The West Wing, between 1999 and 2003, he traveled nearly 100 kilometers every day to shoot in Santa Barbara and return to his wife and sons in Los Angeles. “They knew I was there and I felt like it had value,” he says.

Rob Lowe: ‘I married my best friend’

Always so in love with his wife, the actor will remain eternally grateful that Sheryl fell under his spell. “She saw things in me that no one had ever seen before,” he says, calling his 30-year marriage one of life’s greatest “miracles”. And the passing years have not marred their love. “I still think she’s the sexiest, prettiest, craziest, most complicated, most entertaining person I know, besides being an amazing mother,” he adds about of his wife. Their sons, now 28 and 26, have become lawyers and television writers and will never forget their father’s advice: “When I found your mother, I knew it was her. I married my best friend.”

Rob Lowe and Sheryl Berkoff © Bruno Bebert

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