Melissa Forde, like her friend, grew up on Bardade Island, where she met Rihanna when she was only 14 years old. The two women were close friends growing up, a relationship that continued even after the singer’s success. Several years later, they have never left each other! A very solid friendship that does not fail to speak, because even the singer’s father, Ronald Fenty, is often opposed to this camaraderie: “One day, we were on a trip to London and we were at Harrods. then saw her friends stock up on shoes, in an insane way. These parasites must leave her alone, “he told the Daily Mail in 2014.

A message that will surely not get through, given that for many years the two friends have met to spend unforgettable moments. There is no doubt, they love each other!

Melissa Forde: Rihanna supports her best friend in all her projects

Photographer, Melissa Forde is also known to take the photos for Rihanna’s social media accounts. Very happy with her work, the singer never hesitated to support her friend in 2015, when she released her collection of clothes. Or very recently last November when Melissa Forde improvised as a director and co-directed with Joseph Desrosiers the last clip of the American rapper Wale entitled Flawed. For the occasion Rihanna could not resist and left her a little message on her Instagram account: “She’s my best friend! All mine!”. We are not ready to see them separate from one another.

Melissa Forde ©

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