In the Fenty family, we ask Rihanna. Singer, lyricist, actress, stylist and businesswoman, her worldwide successes are countless. The star is also used to big events. In 2017, for example, she had organized a parade to present her collection of Fenty Puma shoes. And for the occasion, she invited many celebrities like Mr. Pokora, Salma Hayek, Cara Delevingne … But also her brothers Rorrey and Rajad Fenty!

Rorrey Fenty: accomplished businessman

Rihanna is not the only talented person in the family, her little brother Rorrey has nothing to envy him. The 31-year-old has his own boutique and a line of cigars called “Origen”. He also launched “Legado”, a luxury lifestyle brand in 2017.

The young man is best known in the music industry as a rapper under the nickname Gallest. In 2012, he started his career with the title “No Lie (In My Mind)” and subsequently released several titles available for free on his official website. The young man is also very active on his Instagram account where he is followed by more than 160,000 people!

Rajad Fenty: the “ordinary” little brother awaits a happy event

Rajad Fenty, is the smallest of the three, but also the one who leads the most “ordinary” life. Unlike his sister and brother, Rajad Fenty does not hesitate to formalize his romantic relationship. On December 5, 2020, the 24-year-old also announced to his 158,000 subscribers a happy event: “2020 was full of its twists and turns as well as its blessings, but it is perhaps the greatest blessing. of all and I am happy and grateful that we can welcome this new life in the world and in our families ”. His big sister Rihanna was quick to react: “My baby has a baby! Man of the year”. Nice way to end this year!

Rajad, Rorrey and Rihanna Fenty © Instagram

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