All eyes are on Rihanna and her thigh revealed by her hyper slit black dress. The 34-year-old star looked stunning during her Super Bowl performance where she showed off her baby bump in an open scarlet red jumpsuit. Everyone will remember his masterstroke on the State Farm stadium stage on February 12 for a long time. Singer Rihanna made up on stage with a product from her own brand. Self-promotion, hard to do better!

Rapper A$AP Rocky’s girlfriend did even better! Indeed, Rihanna, her son and her husband are on the front page of Vogue UK for the month of March. The Barbadian singer, actress and businesswoman unveiled sublime photos of her little family on her Instagram account on February 15, 2023. The British Vogue Instagram account also did the same. The photos of the sublime Rihanna and her cute 7-month-old son are garnering millions of “likes” on social networks. And there is indeed something to soften hearts!

Rihanna: the singer in sexy mom mode and femme fatale

In the cover photo of Vogue, Rihanna can be seen wearing a very sexy slit dress reaching behind her. His face features a smoky eye, and a look that kills and defies. Behind her, her companion A$AP Rocky, 34, holds their son in her arms while kissing him. The rapper is wearing a leather vest and pants, and his son is wearing leather panties. The little family of three, soon to be four, is dressed all in black with the beach and the sea in the background. Other equally cute and sensual photos are part of the gallery shared by the singer of Rude Boy.

Rihanna: smoky eye and very sexy slit dress, she poses with her baby and her companion on the front page of Vogue

Rihanna © Instagram

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