Rihanna strikes again! This time, it is on the front page of Vogue US magazine in May 2022 that we find the singer pregnant with her first child. Molded in a transparent red jumpsuit signed by the Alaïa house, the young woman poses in profile in order to better reveal her enormous baby bump. “Oh, baby” wrote the magazine in title. A true fashion sensation, Rihanna then chained the looks, whether in a sumptuous white dress or simply playing with the photographers in her simplest device, in her bath or in a duvet.

It must be said that since the announcement of her pregnancy, the young woman continues to surprise with these looks as sophisticated as they are unexpected. “When I found out I was pregnant, I thought to myself: I’m not going shopping in a maternity aisle. I’m sorry, it’s too much fun to dress up and dress up. I’m not going to give that up because my body is changing.” she confided in the pages of the magazine. Very straddling her outfits, the companion of rapper ASAP Rocky is careful to take care of all her public appearances. What sometimes turn the head of his personal stylist who “loses sleep”. “My measurements can literally change from hour to hour (…) I hope we have been able to redefine what is considered ‘decent’ for pregnant women”. My body is doing amazing things right now, and I’m not ashamed of it.” Rihanna added.

Rihanna pregnant: her pregnancy was not planned!

Note that in Vogue US, Rihanna made some intimate confidences about her pregnancy… which was not planned! “I wouldn’t say it was planned. But we certainly weren’t against it, either! I don’t know when I ovulate or that kind of bullshit. We have fun and that’s it. And that’s it , the second bar was there, on the test. I wasted no time, called him and showed him. Then I went to the doctor the next day and our great journey began!” she concluded.

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