Rumors have been rife since that famous Tuesday, November 30. Indeed, as Barbados celebrated the inauguration of Sandra Mason in Barbados, the singer was seen wearing a draped dress, highlighting a supposed baby-bump. Since then, social networks have been racing and some are already imagining themselves with one or a mini Rihanna in a few months! So to be sure, a fan did not hesitate to send a private message to the artist’s Instagram account to find out if she was going to become a mother and give a baby to her companion ASAP Rocky.

Even though she didn’t think Rihanna was answering her, the subscriber wrote, “Can I come to the baby shower honey !? True or not, your babies are going to be beautiful. Sorry, everyone is meddling with your uterus in this moment”. And very big surprise, the singer did indeed answer him and, at the same time, put things right: “Haaaaa! Arrêeeeeete! You did not come to the first 10 baby showers! You make me pregnant every year, damn lol “. The young woman then posted Rihanna’s response and wrote humorously: “Her uterus said, ‘Mind your own business’.”

MTO News: “She has a huge belly and shows off”

A hilarious but still clear answer undermining the rumors that had swelled following the supposed revelations of the MTO News site which had then indicated that Rihanna was pregnant: “She has a huge belly and shows off. I’m really excited (.. .) Staff have been told that there is no smoking or smoking in her home. Rihanna is pregnant and wants a healthy environment for her baby. ” Apparently, the singer’s fans can still wait for Riri’s baby! In 2020, the artist had already mentioned the maternal question during an interview for Vogue: “I will be 42 years old! I will be old. I will have children – three or four. I have the impression that society Makes me want to say to myself, ‘Oh, you were wrong …’ They demean you as a mother if there is no father in your children’s lives. But the only thing that counts, it is happiness, it is the only healthy relationship between a parent and a child. It is the only thing that can truly raise a child, it is love “.

Rihanna © Backgrid UK

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