Since her pregnancy, singer Rihanna proudly displays her belly. Besides, she is certainly one of the rare stars who have shown their belly as much during a pregnancy. Whether in the streets of New York, during her shopping trips or at a Dior fashion show, she shows her belly without complex while sporting stylish and daring outfits. On Tuesday April 12, Chris Brown’s ex was on the cover of Vogue magazine. Her photos were at odds with her beliefs, according to Elle.

During an interview, the singer talked a lot about her pregnancy. “When I found out I was pregnant, I thought there was no way I was shopping in the maternity clothes aisle. I’m sorry, but I love dressing up . I’m not going to give up on this because my body is changing,” she said. “I hope we can succeed in redefining what is considered ‘decent’ for pregnant women. My body is doing incredible things right now and I refuse to be ashamed of it. This time must be a celebration. Why hide her pregnancy?” she continued.

They erased her pregnancy line

Rihanna’s words during this interview were unfortunately contradicted by photos from Vogue magazine. Indeed, many Internet users have noticed the photoshop work done on the photos of the star’s belly. The pregnancy line has been erased. It is this pigmentation common in pregnant women. “Am I the only one who noticed her pregnancy line was photoshopped?” one Twitter user wrote. “Why did they do that?” wrote another. In the era of body-positive and in the face of Rihanna’s remarks, this rubber stamp goes very badly.

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