Rihanna is happier than ever. For good reason, the singer has just released a brand new title. A great first for six years. And yet, the star’s daily life has been busy lately. For good reason, she gave birth to her first child, a baby boy in May 2022. During an interview with ET on the red carpet of the premiere of her Savage X Fenty Show Vol. 4 in Los Angeles, the young mother confided in her son. “He’s wonderful. He’s a happy baby,” she said with a smile on her face before revealing her favorite moment since becoming a mom. “Oh my god, it’s mornings, seeing his face in the morning! Seeing a baby with little bags under his eyes, waking up, and just bewildered, like surprised. They’re trying to figure out where they are. It’s is so cute, it’s my favorite time of day.” Very touching secrets.

The A$AP Rocky girlfriend went on to explain that she “cherishes” those kinds of moments with her son. Besides, she got into the habit of singing for him. But unlike many moms who like to sing lullabies to their kids, Rihanna prefers to play it freestyle. Thus, she invents songs according to her state of mind and her mood of the moment. In the columns of People, the mother of the family held the same speech of mom completely gaga. “He’s funny, he’s happy…and he’s chubby! He’s wonderful. It’s a very cuddly phase right now.”

Rihanna explained why she didn’t reveal her son’s name

Despite everything, Rihanna wants to keep secret the first name that she and her companion have chosen to give to their little baby happiness. Thus, in front of AP Press, the star explained why A$AP Rocky and she have not yet revealed the name of their son, nor shared a photo of the child who is now six months old. “We haven’t taken the time to do it yet, it’s as simple as that. We’re just enjoying life. But I guess going public would give us some freedom,” she said. affirmed.

Thus, Rihanna has suggested that in a while, the world could discover the little face of her son as well as his first name. There is no doubt that the couple’s fans would be very happy to finally learn the first name of the fruit of their love. Since she released her new title, many rumors about the probable release of an album were raging. On this point, Rihanna cut short. “That’s not true,” she replied to The Associated Press regarding the speculation. “The Super Bowl is one thing. New music is another thing. Hear that, fans?” she said with humor. What destroy the dreams of his fans.

Rihanna mom: her adorable and extremely rare secrets about her six-month-old son

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