It’s been two weeks since Rihanna and A$AP Rocky welcomed a baby boy. For A$AP Rocky, the time now seems for repentance, and the rapper confided in an American magazine the values ​​he wishes to inculcate in his child: “I want to raise an open-minded child, not a person who will discriminate against others,” he told an American magazine.

A$AP Rocky, who proposed to Rihanna in his latest music video, said he would make it a point to incorporate “subjects like diversity and versatility” into their family life. The 33-year-old rapper also spoke about some personal changes, brought about by working on himself. If he admitted to having been homophobic, he now swears that it belongs to the past: “I was homophobic but it’s twisted. I looked in the mirror and said to myself “all the designers I wear are gay” “I hear stories in the industry about people being gay and I don’t know if it’s true or not, but it doesn’t really matter,” he said. he finished.

ASAP Rocky known for his many controversial remarks

In 2013, A$AP Rocky had already spoken about the discrimination experienced by LGBT+ people: “And it annoys me all the more when it comes to the hip-hop industry, because it can leave think that all people from this background would be closed-minded or stupid. It’s not true, “he was indignant.

Rihanna’s partner is also known to have made inappropriate remarks towards black women with dark skin tones, saying that they should not wear red lipstick and that this color was reserved for mixed or lighter skin tones.

If he has not recently returned to these statements, he reacted to them at the time, and the time was not really for repentance: “Black women, you know how sensitive they are (…) Especially when you talk about their style. You can’t say anything about their glasses, their nails, or you’re a runner or a racist,” he said.

Rihanna mom: A$AP Rocky’s first naive confidences about her child © Backgrid USA

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