It is a night of ordeal that he would have made his ex-girlfriend Mélanie Ghione, his sister and his new companion live on January 29, 2020. According to facts reported by Le Parisien, Mickaël Philétas, otherwise nicknamed the coach in seduction, would have been carried away by his excessive jealousy. “She told me she was going to block me on her phone and I put myself in Matrix mode”, would have assured the one who is accused of murder and two attempted murders. He has been on trial since Tuesday January 18, 2023 before the Yvelines Assize Court. It was in 2015 that he met Mélanie Ghione for the first time, during a zumba class in Aubergenville (Yvelines). The young woman is already a mother and single.

“I first tilted on her mischievous gaze. I smiled at her, she returned my smile. I participated in the session by placing my chores. Later, she contacted me on Facebook to find out if I gave lessons and we went out for a drink,” said the alleged killer. Two years later, they moved in together. From this moment, the man becomes a youtuber. He is paid for videos in which he gives advice on seduction. He claims to be a follower of MGTOW, which stands for “Men Going Their Own Way”. It is a movement that is considered misogynistic, anti-feminist and hateful. He calls himself an “alpha male”.

Melanie Ghione received 80 stab wounds

In 2019, the relationship between the lovers deteriorates until the rupture desired by the young mother of the family. Only, Mickaël Philétas would not have accepted it. The night of the tragedy, around 4 a.m., he enters the house of his ex-companion where his new companion and his sister are sleeping. Still according to Le Parisien, he was equipped with a headlamp, a gas pistol, brass knuckles, several pairs of handcuffs and a commando knife. He attacks Melanie’s sister first.

He stabs her several times before going up to a bedroom to attack her and his partner’s new boyfriend. In total, Mélanie Ghione succumbed to her injuries after receiving 80 stab wounds to the face, body and limbs. The alleged murderer fled before being arrested around 2 p.m. the same day. He remains presumed innocent of the charges against him.

Riddled with jealousy, a seduction coach accused of having committed a bloody feminicide

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