Richard Gasquet is no longer a heart to take. For a few months, the tennis player has been in a relationship with a certain Clémentine, with whom he appeared for the first time on social networks last March. Of the young woman, we do not know much, except that she works in mass distribution and that she would be the mother of two little girls, according to Purepeople. Richard Gasquet, naturally discreet about his love life, told the public about this relationship last June, when Liberation devoted a portrait to him. Since then, between declarations of love on social networks and public appearances, the two lovebirds no longer hide. Richard Gasquet and Clémentine were particularly close friends last August in the stands of the Parc des Princes during the meeting between Montpellier and Paris. Unfortunately for the tennis player from Hérault, it was the capital club that won.

Richard Gasquet as a couple: the tennis player soon to be a dad?

If Richard Gasquet has found love, he does not plan to immediately taste the joys of fatherhood. Indeed, as Rafael Nadal (now dad) said before him, the tennis player does not want to have children as long as he plays as a professional. It will therefore first be a question of retirement from sport before thinking about expanding the family, and it is not for tomorrow the day before. “The limit will be the body. If I see that I no longer have the body to win matches, I will stop. But that’s not the case yet. I still had fun this year”, he confided to L’Equipe on Tuesday, assuring that “the desire to play was still there”. Thus, Richard Gasquet intends to re-enlist for a new season, without worrying about whether it will be the last, or not.

Richard Gasquet as a couple: who is Clémentine, his companion?

Richard Gasquet and Clementine © Marc Ausset Lacroix

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