It is by speaking of his friend the actor François Créton – to whom he gives the reply in the drama The Heroics, scheduled in theaters on October 20, 2020 – that Richard Bohringer played his cards on the table about the addictions that could gnaw it. The actor timidly delivered himself in the columns of the JDD, on newsstands this Sunday, October 17, 2021. “I loved what was going on between us,” he explained, “our working days. He too is gone through alcohol and drugs. ” Fortunately for both men, the old demons have been defeated. “We got away from it. Me a little earlier than him. We never really talked about it. Not because we avoided the subject but because we knew.”

The filming of the feature film The Heroics ended peacefully. “There was a time when I didn’t want to shoot anymore,” he confessed, adding that the film’s director Maxime Roy finally convinced him not to throw in the towel. The interview was also an opportunity for him to talk about his regrets, or rather his “memories”, since he says he has no regrets. “If I met the young man that I was, I would say to him: ‘watch out, you will pay him one day or another'”, added Richard Bohringer. “I was given this advice and I did not listen to it.”

Richard Bohringer: “my wife had a lot of trouble with me”

However, there is one person around him who can reframe him when necessary: ​​his wife, Astrid Marcouli. “She had a lot of trouble with me, but she always took it all in,” said Richard Bohringer. “It’s clear she’s stronger, but have you ever seen a chick weaker than her boyfriend?” On a daily basis, the comedian’s wife (their marriage was celebrated in 1986) has a habit of taking him back with firmness and even lecturing him “sometimes a little harshly.” A future muse for Richard Bohringer who does not exclude the project of a book devoted to his sweetheart.

Richard Bohringer © BAHI

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