It is a terrible attack of which a 40-year-old woman was the victim on Saturday, November 12. That day, the woman who had given birth a few days earlier was in her room at the hospital in Gleizé (Rhône) to rest. Around 3 p.m., an argument broke out between the young mother and her 44-year-old companion.

According to the information revealed on Monday, November 14 by Le Progrès and confirmed by Laetitia Francart, the prosecutor of Villefranche-sur-Saône, at BFM Lyon, the couple’s dispute would have degenerated and the man would have beaten the mother of his child. The latter would have fallen from the bed on which she was lying. Suffering from several injuries, the woman had to extend her stay in hospital and was prescribed ten days of total incapacity for work, in addition to her maternity leave.

The 40-year-old arrested and taken into custody

After attacking his partner, the forties allegedly tried to flee from the establishment and attacked two security guards. Injured in the altercation, the two men would then have received eight and ten days of total incapacity for work. For his part, the father of the family was finally able to be arrested by the police as he tried to flee.

Arrested and placed in police custody at the Villefranche-sur-Saône police station, the man admitted the facts and was indicted for assault and battery. He must remain under judicial supervision until his trial, scheduled for April 2023. In the meantime, it is also forbidden to come into contact with the mother of his child and to enter the hospital, except in the event of a medical emergency. .

Rhône: she gives birth, her companion attacks her violently in the middle of the hospital

Mother and son © Photo by Alexander Gray on Unsplash

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