Joseph Pena, a soldier originally from Colorado, certainly didn’t expect to find his parents in a bad spot when he returned from his deployment.

Deployment is never easy. Not easy to support the separation with his close relations. Fortunately, the military have permissions. Joseph Pena, who had been stationed in Germany for two and a half years, decided to surprise his parents on his return to Colorado. Unfortunately for him, this unexpected visit did not go as planned. And for good reason, the 20-year-old young man surprised his parents in the middle of a sexual act when he landed in their room. “We were surprised and very embarrassed. We had no idea our son was coming home,” the mother, Kaati, told the Caters news agency.

With the complicity of his sister Josephine, who is filming the scene, Joseph entered his parents’ room by surprise. “It’s a robbery!” he joked, quickly realizing that his parents were having sex. “Oh no no no” he blurted out, before turning back. “I screamed because I saw my son and, of course, I realized that he had seen everything” confided the mother. And to add that the 20-year-old had been traumatized by the incident: “Our son spent most of his leave with his sister and his girlfriend. He called and texted us every day but he preferred to avoid coming home and that was fine with us.”

An awkward moment that went viral

Amused by the situation, Kaati did not hesitate to share the video on social networks. “We have received epic comments. There are a lot of messages and most Internet users make fun of my son because he did not knock on the door” she said in particular. An awkward moment that the mother took with a lot of humor: “I’m sure our son is doing his best to erase this memory from his visual memory but living under our roof will remind him of how Eve and Adam designed the whole world .” No doubt that after this misadventure, Joseph will no longer fail to announce himself before entering a room.


Returning from a mission, this soldier surprises his parents in an unfortunate position
Lara T.
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