The day before the concert event in tribute to Johnny Hallyday, Laeticia Hallyday was on the set of Quotidien. While she confided that she was eager for this concert to take place, Yann Barthès returned to the last tour of the idol of young people with Les Vieilles Canailles. Shows which were essential for the singer and which allowed him to enjoy the stage to the end. Only, he was already ill and so we had to be very careful so that he could hold out over time. Always present at his side, Laeticia Hallyday was impressed by what he managed to do despite the disease that was eating away at him.

“It gave us all great lessons. He taught us resilience and courage. He was really a soldier who fought. Firstly because the stage was his reason for living and he wanted to get there. but the conditions were painful and dizzying. Behind the scene there was resuscitation and oxygen and that we did not see when he sang. It was a divine force, there was something superhuman “, a- she explained on the set of TMC. On many occasions, Laeticia Hallyday has recalled how the father of her two daughters had been a great fighter. Until her last breath, she admired his courage.

Laeticia Hallyday would have liked her stepchildren to participate in this tribute

Also in Daily, the mother of Jade and Joy returned to the strained relationship she has with Dabid Hallyday and Laura Smet. “I wanted them to take part in this tribute. Things have calmed down a bit, but our relationship remains complicated. I held out my hand several times, I would have liked this heritage to remain in the family, that we were talking around a table four years ago, when Johnny was gone, so that we could talk about my husband’s decisions. “

Laeticia and Johnny Hallyday © TMC

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