She is inconsolable… Tuesday March 29, 2022, Shanna Kress shared sad news. Phyllie, a dog to whom she was very attached, has died. In the caption of a video montage shared on Instagram, the pretty brunette wrote: “I am devastated. It was not my dog, my dog ​​but it was like… ‘Phyllie, the girl’. Every morning , it was to you that I said: ‘Good morning girl’, every evening before closing the door, it was to you that I said: ‘Good night girl’, always with a hug and a look of love, as soon as we left for a few days, I couldn’t wait to come back to find you.” To conclude, she added: “I showed her to you from time to time in story, but she was part of our daily life. Even more… He was a real watchdog, with a huge heart. We will miss you . Rest in peace.”

In tears, it was then on Snapchat that Shanna Kress provided details. “Someone came knocking on my door to tell me that the dog we were living with had a heart attack. She left just now. She wasn’t our dog, but she was there in our daily life, it was a love. I was so attached to her. It’s hard when you get attached to animals… She was too cute”, she declared before adding: “I don’t I didn’t have time to say goodbye to her. My darling knew about it, he tried to save her with her owners.” His companion, Jonathan Matijas, told him the news after the visit of the veterinarian. “He did well because I think it would have been worse if I had seen the scene,” she said before confiding: “I still remember taking care of her today, cleaning her to the wipe because she had dragged everywhere and give her a kiss on the muzzle. I didn’t think that was the last time I was going to see her. I had cleaned all her collars, I gave her a kiss and I went to the bedroom. And she’s gone, I’m so sad.”

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Jonathan Matijas: “We tried everything”

On social networks, the companion of Shanna Kress also returned to this terrible day. He said: “I hear screaming from afar and I go out to understand. Fily was lying on the lawn inanimate. And when I ran towards her, the owners of our house who are also those of the dog, tried to explain to me that she might have swallowed a bone and was choking. So we picked her up… And we tried everything. From resuscitating her, to shaking her, everything to try to rebuild leave his heart, but it was too late…”

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