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Residents of a luxury building pay two years’ rent to a cleaning lady

In the United States, one of the countries most affected by the coronavirus pandemic, many employees have lost jobs. This is the case of Rosa, a cleaning lady who worked in a building in an upscale New York neighborhood for nearly twenty years. Faced with his distress, the residents of the building have contributed to offer him two years of rent in one of the apartments in the building, reports the Indian Times.

A nice surprise for Rosa. The residents of the building led her to believe that she had a cleaning assignment in one of the apartments in the building. Once inside the apartment, a real estate agent greeted Rosa saying, “I know a lot of the residents of this building adore you and that you are almost a celebrity here. I know this has been a very hard year for you and your family. But you’ve helped people in this building a lot and they want to give it back to you. ” The man had a location contract that had been made in his name. A video of the scene has been uploaded.

A free rent of 230 square meters

He gave him a two-year lease for 230m2 housing. As can be seen in the video, Rosa, who was sobbing, couldn’t believe her eyes. The real estate agent went on: “All you have to do is sign and take the keys.” The video that was uploaded to Reddit generated a huge response. On the latter, we can see Rosa’s entire journey, from the elevator to the arrival at the apartment. A great outpouring of solidarity!

Rosa during the visit of the apartment © Youtube

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