The UK pays tribute to those fallen in action. The entire country celebrated Remembrance Day on Sunday, November 14, a ceremony that takes place every year at the eleventh hour of the Sunday preceding the anniversary of the end of the First World War, November 11, 1918. Several thousand people thus gathered in London to honor the memory of the soldiers who died in combat. An event in which Queen Elizabeth II did not participate due to a back injury.

The other members of the royal family were in attendance, including Sophie of Wessex, the queen’s daughter-in-law. Prince Edward’s wife stood alongside Kate Middleton and Camilla to watch the ceremony from a balcony. All three were dressed in all black outfits, with poppies pinned to them, emblems of the First World War.

The emotion of the royal family

The tribute was particularly moving. At the very beginning of it, Sophie from Wessex was spotted wiping away a tear as she joined Kate and Camilla on the balcony. A few minutes later, Prince Charles’ wife also seemed overwhelmed with emotion. Just like her husband, who placed a wreath in the name of the Queen on the cenotaph erected in honor of the victims of the war. An emotion probably accentuated by the absence of the Queen.

Sophie Rhys-Jones, Countess of Wessex © Agency

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