On our screens, in the press and soon in all bookstores around the world… Prince Harry has literally been everywhere for several weeks. After releasing her eponymous documentary mini-series with Meghan Markle on Netflix, the time has now come for the release of her long-awaited memoir, this Tuesday, January 10. Memories described as explosive, which should particularly harm the most famous family in England.

Since the latter unfortunately appeared earlier in Spain, shocking extracts have already leaked, leaving the whole world to revel in chilling and surprising scoops on the royal family in advance. Harry has indeed decided to speak, or rather to write, on a bunch of secrets related to the British crown, which also put it particularly badly. His father, Charles, but also and especially his brother William were also carefully targeted by the former official member of the royal family.

What is the makeup incident between Kate and Meghan?

If Harry took advantage of his memoirs to settle his many scores with his older brother, it seems that he had to settle with his sister-in-law as well, who also received a ridiculous nickname. Indeed, Kate has been somewhat stung several times in Prince Harry’s memoirs, especially when recounting a makeup incident that occurred with Meghan Markle.

Prince Harry then opened up about that “awkward moment”, when his wife allegedly asked Kate Middleton to lend him her lip gloss ahead of the Sussexes and Wales’ appearance at the Royal Foundation Forum in 2018. Harry called the request of ‘American thing’ and added, “Kate, taken aback, went to her purse and reluctantly pulled out a small tube. Meg squeezed some on her finger and applied it to her lips. Kate winced,” he wrote. He later added that the incident was something the couples “should have been able to laugh about”, but the press “felt” it was “something bigger”, he said. A little peak more to his dear sister-in-law.

"Reluctantly": this strange beauty incident between Meghan and Kate told by Harry in his memoirs

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton © Agency

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