Rebel Wilson transformed: actress opens up about her weight loss

In a conversation with presenter Ant Middleton on a Sky channel show “Ant Middleton & Rebel Wilson: Straight Talking”, the actress reflected on her impressive weight loss. Indeed, Rebel Wilson made headlines in 2020 when she said she had been dieting and training hard to lose 18 pounds. She confided in particular on the way she saw herself before: “I am so sad to have inflicted this on myself from my 20 years to my 40 years, I did not love myself in the right way”. Rebel Wilson indicated that his weight problems started in college: “I ate regardless of my emotions, if I was stressed or if I had exams coming up but also if I was very happy like when I came back of a great evening “.

A difficult physical transformation

She also explained that her physical transformation had not been easy to live with either and that she had struggled to cope with the many comments made to her. “People say, ‘you’re not the same, you’re not funny now.’ When a man loses weight like Matthew McConaughey for the movie Dallas Buyers Club, people want to give him an Oscar but when it does is a woman, people say ‘How dare she?’ or ‘she’s trying to find a guy’.

“People don’t like to laugh at beautiful actors, they want to sleep with them”

Rebel Wilson explains to Ant Middleton that with this weight loss, she also hopes to give a new turn to her career. “When I started my career I was starting to put on all that weight and I was like, ‘you know what’s good for fat girls? Comedies. I’m fat now, I make people laugh, pay millions of dollars to be funny. “People don’t like to laugh at beautiful actors, they want to sleep with them and laugh at actors who are fun to watch.” She now hopes to break away from the comedies that have made her known as Pitch Perfect and land more serious roles.

Rebel Wilson © Instagram

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