Terrifying murder of a sweet little dog by a lonely septuagenarian in a retirement home in Wanze, near Liège, Belgium. Unable to bear the loneliness after the death of his 10-year-old dog Bouba, the 71-year-old man, living in a retirement home, launched an appeal on social networks. The septuagenarian was looking to adopt a new four-legged companion, reports RMC Crime, relaying information from Belgian media Sudinfo-La Meuse. The wish of the 71-year-old man is quickly granted.

On January 23, 2023, a couple offered to adopt a small 4-year-old dog, a Maltese, says RMC Crime. To bring Pantoufle back to his executioner, the couple traveled 200 kilometers. They return home surely thinking they have done a good deed and reassured to have brought a smile to a man in mourning for his last companion. The senior man in question seems to like his dog and decides to adopt the little dog. However, the latter will not have survived more than one night in the retirement home which was to serve as his new home.

He didn’t give his new dog a chance

Pantoufle, the septuagenarian’s new dog, did not immediately feel comfortable in his new home. The dog barks insistently during the night, which did not fail to annoy his new master. Not supporting the din produced by the dog, the septuagenarian takes a radical measure and decides to put an end to the life of his companion in the worst possible way. He hung him with his leash before slitting his throat with his knife. On Tuesday, January 24, the couple who gave him the gift of the dog called the old man to hear from them. The man announces to them: “He was really unbearable, I killed him”.

"Really unbearable": inconsolable after the death of his dog, he commits an atrocious gesture on his successor

A man and his dog © Pixabay

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