An idyll strewn with pitfalls. Since January 2016, Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry have been leading a passionate love story. Separated from February 2017 to the spring of 2018, the couple finally got engaged for Valentine’s Day in 2019. And on August 26, 2020, the two stars welcomed their first child, a baby girl named Daisy Dove. If no marriage is planned for the moment, the actor and the singer take full advantage of their child.

But if all the lights seem to be green today in their couple, this does not prevent Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry from encountering difficulties. In an interview given in the latest issue of Flaunt magazine, the Pirates of the Caribbean star opened up about the obstacles that can arise. Referring to his companion as his “baby mama and life partner”, Orlando Bloom indicated that they were not always on the same wavelength, however, because of their respective characters. “We are in two very different swimming pools. Her swimming pool is not a swimming pool that I necessarily understand, and I think that my swimming pool is not a swimming pool that she necessarily understands”, explained all in metaphor the comedian of 46 years. And to add more clearly: “sometimes things are really, really, really difficult. I’m not going to lie.”

Orlando Bloom: “There is definitely never a dull moment”

In order for their relationship to stay the course, it is therefore necessary that each of them manages to make concessions. “We are undoubtedly fighting with our emotions and our creativity”, continued Orlando Bloom, who however seems extremely confident about the continuation of his idyll with his dear and tender. “I think we’re both aware of how lucky we were to have been uniquely connected when we did, and there’s definitely never a dull moment,” he said. concluded with gratitude towards the one who shares his life.

“Really, really, really difficult”: these cash comments from Orlando Bloom on his not-all-rosy relationship with Katy Perry

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