Rayane Bensetti is going through a difficult time. As he announced on his Instagram account on Thursday February 24, 2022, he lost his grandmother, whom he was very close to. “My little grandma. You fought like a lioness. It’s so hard to see the people we love leave, and our family destroyed by pain…” he wrote. Truly floored, the young actor confided that if he always showed a certain positivity and a strength of character, he had a sensitive heart. “You know sometimes, behind my big smile hides a huge pain. But you will never know it in the moment.” added Rayane Bensetti in the caption of a photo in which we see him kissing his grandmother. In comments, fans gave him a lot of support.

Rayane Bensetti: he only has his mother left

Note that with the death of the latter, Rayane Bensetti now finds himself alone with his mother. “I will take care of my mom” he also specified in his comment. If he did not reveal the causes of his grandmother’s death, the 28-year-old also had a thought for his deceased father. “We’re just passing through… Grandma? Dad will take good care of you, I promise you. I love you very much,” he concluded. As a reminder, Rayane Bensetti’s dad left in 2018 following Charcot’s disease. Moreover, in February 2022, four years after his disappearance, he paid him a vibrant tribute. “Time passes so quickly but nothing changes… You will remain in my head and in my heart in the first place my Papounet. I loved you, I love you and I will love you” he had declared.

Rayane Bensetti © Pierre Perusseau

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