Naiara Santos had an amazing encounter with her baby. On October 10, this Brazilian gave birth to twins at Evangelico Hospital in Ipora, in the state of Goias, in the center-west of the country. If his first, Rafaella, was born completely normally, his sister experienced an extremely rare arrival in the world. Isabella was indeed born still in her amniotic sac. Known as caul or capped baby (sometimes mermaid) birth, this phenomenon occurs in less than one in 80,000 deliveries. This is because the fluid-filled membrane usually ruptures when the mother is about to give birth, this is called the waters breaking. For the mother as for the medical team, this delivery will remain unforgettable.

“It’s very magical, remembered obstetrician Leandra Campos. Because before we burst the bag, the baby was sleeping there, without needing to breathe, receiving everything he needed through the umbilical cord. I’ve had other births in caul, but this was the first time with the baby in a breech position. Those births are rare.” For the medical staff, these births are all the more risky. “You have to have a lot of technique so that they always come out inside the sac. And that’s how we can see how they sit inside the belly before they are born,” added the obstetrician. Naiara Santos and her daughters have been in hospital since birth but were due to return home soon.

“The bag only pierced when it was taken out of the water”

This extremely rare moment was also experienced in England, on December 16. Midwives at Ormskirk Hospital in the UK witnessed the birth of a baby in its amniotic sac. “Long story short, my water never broke,” the young mum told the Liverpool Echo. was born, he was still in the balloon. It was like he was born in a water balloon.” The mother gave birth in a birthing pool: “The bag only pierced when it was taken out of the water. The midwives were amazed because it is rare to see such a birth during her career. It’s something very unique. They were like, ‘Oh my God, that’s amazing!'”.

Rare moment in the history of births: a baby born in its amniotic sac

An extremely rare baby © Pexel

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