As every morning, Nicolas Demorand and Léa Salamé got up in the early morning to ensure the presentation of the morning of France Inter Monday January 10, 2022, from 7 am. During their show, the two journalists received many guests, among whom the listeners of the public station were able to find the actress Charlotte Gainsbourg. The latter was accompanied within the studio by her own mother, singer and actress Jane Birkin. Mother and daughter have not left each other for some time, given that they follow a series of promotional meetings to talk about the film directed by Charlotte Gainsbourg on her father.

As a reminder, the companion of filmmaker Yvan Attal is the result of the union between Jane Birkin and singer Serge Gainsbourg. It was in 1968 that the two artists met on the set of a film. Subsequently, they will begin a very fruitful musical collaboration, while becoming one of the most emblematic celebrity couples of the 70s. An idyll that finally ended in 1980, which did not prevent the two artists from continuing. their collaboration thereafter. For his part, Serge Gainsbourg will find love again in 1981 in the arms of a young model called Caroline Elisabeth Von Paulus, better known under the name of Bambou.

Charlotte Gainsbourg reveals that the museum dedicated to Serge Gainsbourg should open soon

While she rarely mentions her father’s last companion during her media interventions, Charlotte Gainsbourg mentioned Bambou’s name during her interview in the morning of France Inter. This happened when Léa Salamé questioned Jane Birkin on the fact that she had not returned for more than 30 years to the house where she lived with Serge Gainsbourg and her daughter, located on Rue de Verneuil. “There is nothing that has changed,” said the journalist. “I didn’t go there hoping for an emotion from him. I also went there to be sure that the idea of ​​opening it in a museum was good. I wanted to have his feeling. and she (Jane Birkin, editor’s note) told me ‘yes’. She always said ‘yes’ to me from the start, “explained Charlotte Gainsbourg.

“When is this museum going to open?” Léa Salamé then asked him. “Soon. It must have been last March, now we say next March. We may be a few months late. But it’s so enriching to see the place. It’s not necessarily where he created everything, but it was him. There were many eras too. There was the era when it was more bare because there were all 4. Afterwards, with the Bamboo era, it was more. collections. You could not touch anything, nothing to move, “said the actress.


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