This is the first case ever recorded in Mexico, doctors say. In the state of Nuevo Leon, a baby girl was born with an animal-like tail just above her tailbone. “The structure was soft, covered with skin and fine hair, it could be moved without pain but did not move spontaneously, describes the medical report, published in the Journal of Pediatric Surgery Case Reports. And to specify: “The baby is set to weep when the structure has been touched with a needle.”

The tail, 5.7 centimeters long and 3 to 5 millimeters in diameter, was spotted by doctors just after birth, reports the Daily Mail. A CT scan revealed it was not the result of a spinal malformation and the baby girl, in very good health, was sent home. Two months later, when the tail had grown 0.8cm, doctors surgically removed it. Since then, the little girl has been doing like a charm and living an absolutely normal life.

A “real human tail”

A post-surgery examination of the growth revealed that it contained arteries, veins and nerves, a sign that it was connected to the girl’s nervous and circulatory systems. An extremely rare case, only 195 “real human tails” having been identified in the history of medicine. Note that the longest of them measured 20cm.

Recall that human tails are divided into two categories: “pseudotails”, growths caused by a malformation of the spine or a tumor, and “true tails”, which contain muscle, blood vessels, nerves but no ‘bone. These are closest to animal tails.

Rare! A baby girl is born with a body part similar to that of an animal

The baby was doing very well. © Pexels

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