This Wednesday, February 15, 2023, Raquel Welch died at the age of 82. It was his manager who announced the sad news in a press release sent to AFP. The actress “passed away peacefully early this morning after a brief illness.” For the moment, the circumstances of his death are not more detailed. Famous for having become a real sex symbol, the actress had a tumultuous private life. Indeed, if she learns dance and comedy very young, she will take as stage name, that of her first husband, John Welch. Spotted for her beauty, she will very quickly become a professional model.

If she has some success in television series, the producer Patrick Curtis, who will become her second husband, will allow her to access more important roles, such as in Fata Alena, in which she plays alongside Claudia Cardinale. It is her role in One Million Years Before Jesus Christ that will make her known to the general public and place her in the category of sex symbols. Subsequently, she will play in major films, and will marry a third time with André Weinfeld. Then it is on the arm of Richard Palmer that she will lead certain years of her life.

Raquel Welch leaves behind two children

But in 2008, and at the age of 68, Raquel Welch will separate from her fourth husband, who is also the father of her second child. All her life, she will be called a sex symbol. A status she acquired on the death of Marilyn Monroe. “I really had the feeling that people were totally laughing at me, they were only interested in the other woman: the one astride, in the rabbit skin bikini, with this impossible wasp waist!”, Wrote she in her autobiography. She thus leaves behind tearful fans but also two children who had an ultra-famous mother.

Raquel Welch: who were her four husbands?

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